(ps im hardly gonna be active for a few more days bc school and shit)

(i’m planning on making a super long queue tho, so that should last at least three weeks)

*sees that disney probably made elsa and anna norwegian so that the norway section of epcot would have representatives*

*hopes for a mexican princess*

i need gf pls

should i watch the first episode of that mekakucity actors thing

like is the anime accurate so far??? will i understand what the fuck is going on????

or should i just stick to the songs and the manga and shit

aro ace dmmd au where the different routes are about how the different characters became total bffs with aoba and they cuddle with aoba and they help and care for each other and theyre basically platonic soulmates like no sex no romance just cute

im gonna go on a huuuuge unfollowing me, but if we’re friends/mutuals and i end up unfollowing you then you can just send me a message and i’ll follow you again


all that pink